Once upon a time gloom and dismay beheld the world. My fortune was shattered to pieces. No pleading and imploring, no magic in the world could make it whole. It seemed lost and I was alone in a time of darkness, a time of pain and sorrow, longing and loneliness, regret and fury and grief.

It was at this time that I met music, with its whirling tunes and surging waves. We grew close and music accompanied me where ever I went. Down to the dungeons of pain and up again to the heights of happiness. It was the beginning, I was alone no more.

Eventually watercolour painting joined us, a short acquaintance, a dalliance. She could not stay, too smooth was her temper. Her movements were slow and music played without her. And I offered no alliance.

One day, as I roamed a narrow and crooked alley, the suns reflection caught in a window. I drew closer and encountered a new love, quick and dashing, stirring and so promising. Her name: Acryl on canvas.

She followed me and stayed, blending together with the music. SOUND OF ART was born. Every possible chance was a meeting with love. The three of us moved together in ecstasy, over and over again, until all strength had left us. The uprooting of emotions: black and white, full of colour and loud, moving fiercely or quietly in loving whispers and finally: relief. All emotions spent in the moment – and preserved on canvas.

I see the world in her delicate pastel-coloured figure. And music swirls happily around its own tunes. I am rescued, life a new feeling.

This is what painting means to me: Life and life again – light and colour, dynamics, movement and strength. Paintings originate and arise from the whirlpool of emotions. Without them nothing can emerge. The emotions will grow on the soil of music and discharge in its ban. If music remains silent, no painting can be.

Seeing music is what SOUND OF ART is about. I would be happy to share these impressions with you.